On March 29, 2016, Christopher's family and friends had a memorial service in his honor at Lynn Haven United Methodist Church in Lynn Haven, Florida. 

Reverend Jim Luther officiated the service. Chandler Richardson (close friend), Cayleigh Jackson (sister), Cheri Boyle(mom), and Rob Jackson (dad) spoke a few words about Christopher. The texts of their remarks are below:

To My Brother

by Cayeigh Jackson


My brother was the strongest person I ever knew.Cayleigh_Chris

In retrospect, this statement almost seems like a cop-out. It seems overly sentimental, like I'm trying to sugarcoat a long road, or lie to myself about it to make myself feel better. There were a lot of things I felt about my brother and his addicted mind. Frustration, anger, exhaustion, tiredness, fear. I didn't feel admiration. I never once told him he was brave for fighting his fight. I don't know if I ever even really believed it, or noticed it.

But it hit me in the face the moment he was gone. Like any artist never recognized until after they're dead, I never noticed my brother was incredible until it was too late. I never told him. I don't think it would have made a difference.

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Mom's Voice

by Cheri Boyle

Fer MomI won’t be able to speak for long.
But there are some things I need to have an audible voice for today.
A voice for my son,
and a voice for you, our family and friends.

To all of you, and so many more, we have been blessed by and are so grateful for your love, support and especially your prayers. We have felt it all, and it’s a wonderful comfort. Thank you for everything you have done, and will continue to do, to help see us through this unimaginable sorrow. A very special Thank You to Dan, Ruth and LauraAnne Kinch, who availed themselves to us immediately, to love and support us, despite being so fresh from the loss of their Joseph.

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A Life of Love

by Rob Jackson

Even though I am not quite 50, this is the 5th Eulogy I have given.Pic1 KeySleep
They are difficult to write, and even harder to deliver.
This one will be the hardest of them all.
So, please forgive me if my delivery suffers.

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