Final Resting Place

Christopher is resting peacefully at Evergreen Memorial Gardens in Panama City, Florida.  

Evergreen is located just to the west of Highway 231, approximately 5 miles north of downtown Panama City.


He specific location is just off of Richardson Road (go figure . . . his best friend was Chandler Richardson), at the west side of the Raintree Garden Crypts near the front of the cemetary.  The easist way to get close to him is to take a dirt road behind the mausoleum to the west side of Raintree, but you can also park at the front of Raintree.  It is only a short walk. His is the 4th gravesite from the front of the mausoleum, 2nd row in from the west.  Here is a marked location:

 This site was a two person gravesite that Cheri and I purchased just after her father passed away.  We asked for and received permission from the cemetary to be able to make it a three person site, so Christopher will be together with Cheri and I forever and not alone. The joint marker arrived in August 2016.



Please feel free to stop by and visit Christopher. He would like it and I know that many of you have from the things that we have found there. And watch out for dragonflies. They seem to be plentiful there :)

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